Luca Vullo

Author, Director and Producer

Luca Vullo is a writer, director and producer who has realized powerful documentaries well received and recognized internationally such as “Dallo Zolfo al Carbone“ (From Sulphur to Coal) released in 2008, a social anthropological film on the consequences of the 1946 Italo-Belgian Pact, and the life of Sicilian miners in Belgium after WWII.

As expert of Sicilian and Italian body language and nonverbal communication, Luca Vullo wrote and directed a short documentary about Italian hand gestures called “La Voce del Corpo“ (The Voice of the Body) in 2011 that has received very warm responses worldwide and won awards. Since then many Universities and Italian Cultural Institutes around the world invited him for workshops, lessons, screening, debates on Italian body language and gesticulation. In London he used to be part of a new production of Pirandello's Liolà at the Royal National Theatre working as body language coach.

More recently, Luca Vullo has been filming in London a new documentary entitled “INFLUX” about Italian immigration in the UK, such hot social topic of the moment. He's currently touring many cultural centers and Universities in United States from East to West coast teaching this peculiar branch of body language. He was also invited to participate to an artist-in-residence program by the MILLS COLLEGE Oakland San Francisco. Based between London and Los Angeles, he is shooting his new movie on Grant Cobb, LA’s acclaimed tattoo artist and overall mad man.

A kaleidoscopic mosaic of voices and faces, the film analyses the psyche of an entire country as its future hangs in the balance, reflecting the rage, fear, fulfillment, frustration, sense of redemption, success, failure, recklessness and self-awareness felt by Italian 'Londoners'.

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